Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Advertising agency in Bangalore

Big advertising agencies or the full service advertising agencies are ONE STOP SHOP for all services that are offered to the clients. Today’s creative agencies are providing total communication packages for the client brands. They are also acting as the custodians for the brands of the clients. There are various departments in an advertising agency including

1. CLIENT SERVICING: they are also known as “Accounts executives”.  The client servicing executive is the link between the agency and clients. He/She suggests what the client exactly wants from the advertising agency. They are the one who carry the client’s brief and is also responsible for approvals.

2. THE CREATIVE DEPARTMENT: This team works under the leadership of Creative Director. The department includes a team of Copywriters and Visualizers who arrive at the “BIG IDEA”. Accordingly the storyboard is prepared and script work is done. The final layout is sent to the client for approval.

3. THE PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: This department is responsible to convert the storyboard in to a finished layout. However, the television commercial will be outsourced to a production house

4. THE MEDIA DEPTARTMENT:  this department is concern with buying and selling of media – space spot and slot. The Media Planner along with the Media manager prepares the final media budget.

6. THE FINANCE DEPTARTMENT (ACCOUNTING): This department looks after the accounts for the agency.

7. STATEGIC PLANNING: Strategic planning is a heart of an advertising agency. It will be headed by VP Strategic Planning and assisted by
strategic planners. These days the clients require a well prepared
advertising strategy before the design of the advertisement is created and hence
strategic planning has grown in past few years.

Considering this, if you want to hire an Advertising agency in Bangalore then Flags Communications is the right place for you. The company offers customized creative solutions to its client and stands out from all other Creative and PR agency in Bangalore.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Achieve your desired business goals with Flags Communications

Every business and person who works with the public must communicate with the public at some point. But it's not ideal for a party to split its resources between its primary business and explaining that business to the world — that's where public relations agencies come in. Flags Communications is the leading Advertising and PR agency in Delhi who offers a wide range of 360 degree services to their clients at reasonable price. Flags Communications helps their clients in achieving desired business goals with ease. To become an effective face and voice for the client, PR agencies utilize a variety of methods.

What does a public relation agency do…?

Before a PR agency can get out the message on behalf of a client, it must find out what that message is. In the beginning of business relationship, members of Public relation team sit down with their clients to find out everything they can do about their operations. For businesses, that information includes their general mission statement, products and services and how they bring them to market. Those projects which involves facts and figures about the person’s professional projects, as well as personal life details that could affect public opinion. For exchanging information of all clients, PR Company Delhi establishes protocol so that it never misses a chance to present new developments to the public. One of the most important basic products that come out of PR agencies in Delhi is the press release, information about the company that is given to news agencies for publication. News agencies like to have press releases, especially on slow news days, because it means less work to fill space in the paper. So, if you also want to touch the heights of success then immediately contact Flags Communications.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Functions of an advertising agency

Big business organizations take help of advertising agencies in spreading the word about their products and services. These advertising agencies vary in size and often specialize in specific field of advertising tasks.  Advertising agency performs a lot of functions including creating visuals, overseeing media buying and advertising campaign planning.
Planning and Managing Advertising Tasks
Advertising agency plan and execute advertising campaigns for their clients. In the campaign planning stage they include many procedures including
·         Outlining a budget,
·         Setting goals and identifying the prospective audience
·         Conducting market research.
After initial stage, managerial staff provides supervision for the project, whereas creative and account services are handled separately. The creative work of the campaign is handled by the Graphic artists, copywriters, web designers and film makers.

Creative Work
Creative agencies employ a range of staff to provide creative services to their clients. The creative team includes graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers that create eye-catching art work to compliment the written elements of the campaign.
The primary objective of an advertising agency is to establish a strong branding for clients through their campaigns. Branding refers to the message through which an audience associates with a company and its products or services. The effectiveness of an advertising agency can be measured when a brand is strongly recognizable, and sales are boost.
Marketing and PR Agency
Many advertising agencies handle complimentary services related to advertising campaigns, such as marketing and public relations. When an agency handle public relation services, they  make sure a communication take place between a brand and its public and it manages the types of messages that pass between a company, its public and other parties, such as employees and the media.
Some advertising agencies also handle marketing tasks, such as research, events, networking, and online outreach. Since marketing and advertising are interrelated; therefore, it is common for advertising agencies to handle a variety of marketing tasks.

How to choose the best digital marketing agency

In today’s world, hiring a digital marketing company is a complex issue as digital marketing is a strategy that keeps on updating its aspect regularly. Therefore, even the most reputed digital Marketing agency fails completely to take on digital marketing.  So, hiring the most suitable agency for your business becomes even more difficult.
There are some of the points that help you to find the appropriate marketing agency for your business including:

Poor track record:

The first thing you need to check is whether the Digital marketing agency has proven itself in the arena of its field or not. You should check the track record of the company as when we are hiring something, we want the best. So, you should always meet the SEO, SMO, PR content creation, online advertising person as they are the people who will be responsible for your marketing. Irrespective of how old or new the agency is, if it does not have a good reputation, you need to avoid contacting them. 

Unattractive website and inadequate social media activity:

You should always check the website of the company. An agency having an unattractive website is a big negative point for any digital marketing agency, as the quality of the work of the agency can be analyzed through its website. You can also analyze the social media activity of the agency, as it is important, because being on social media platforms is a must for a digital marketing agency.

Deficient communication:

You should never consider any agency that is poor in communication and does not respond to your email and phones on time. A reputed agency provides precise project guidelines and their work in a standard structure, regular meeting with clients and putting more emphasis on clients’ needs.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Advertising agency is more than brand building company

Creative agency
Advertising agency can play a key role for a brand. An advertising agency work along with its clients, serve the major role in building brand image and sustaining brand in the market.

The perception of a brand in the eyes of customer plays an important role for the acceptance of brand for a long period of time. Therefore, the responsibilities of advertising agency increase in building brand.

Apart from building brand image there are many other benefits that an advertising agency provides.


Advertising agencies have a team of professional experts. Therefore, many businesses turn to advertising agencies. Small organizations usually don’t have their own marketing department and so, they need the help of expert agency. These agencies have access to copy writers, researchers, media buyers and other experts, who can provide know-how that small businesses cannot afford to hire for themselves.
Saving Time - Hiring advertising agency can save the valuable time of the business organizations. Having a creative agency means the employee do not have to spend huge time in developing a marketing strategy or an ad campaign. Most of the small organization owners are busy in running their day to day business operation and they don’t have time and energy to create campaigns. Therefore, these agencies can help them in spending more time in running their business.

Save Cost - Hiring an advertising agency may seem as an expense for a business initially but over the period of time you will realize that an advertising agency saves a lot of money on placement of advertisement. Most of the agencies are given heavy discount by publishers, radio station and TV channels. Therefore, they can get cheaper rates than someone dealing directly.